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Thai Plantar Reflexology Massage

Our feet are the forgotten parts of our body!

Taking care of it brings a deep feeling of well-being.


This massage is given on the feet as well as on the calves, to above the knee.


It lasts an hour.

For the session, remember to put on an outfit that can go up above the knee or bring an outfit (shorts for example) to change into the office.

It is not similar to any Western medical or paramedical practice.

It is not a therapeutic massage but a relaxation.

Beyond taking time for yourself, this massage has many benefits:

​- overall relaxation and appeasement,

- it stimulates and drains blood, lymphatic and energy circulation.

- it stimulates the major organic functions (such as digestion, the immune system, etc.).

- it relaxes articulations

It also has contraindications.

I will therefore ask you when making an appointment or at the beginning of our session if you are concerned by one of the following points:

- pregnancy

- heavy pathology (cancer, heart problem, etc.)

- inflammatory crisis (sciatica, lumbago, etc.)

- phlebitis

- fever

If so, please have a written opinion from your doctor so that I can proceed with the massage.

Bébé ' Pieds

I interfere

in my office

in Sierentz


55 €

for 1 hour massage

I also intervene

in companies and communities

in the Haut-Rhin or in Basel

terms to be defined together

07 68 42 96 32

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