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better understand to
act better

It is necessary to fully understand a problem in order to be able to find solutions and take action.

Through collaborative workshops, I accompany you towards more understanding and therefore more tools to be a driving force in the necessary changes to come.

I work in schools, communities and businesses in the Haut-Rhin:

Contact me to define the terms together!

Where to organize workshops?

Everywhereis a good answer!

Here are some ideas and examples of interventions.

It is also possible to present the workshops at events through stands.

Les enfants en classe

I come to your school to offer you the workshop that best suits your program and your students.

See the testimonials below.

Image de Abbe Sublett

I travel to your company to animate the workshops of your choice, defined together beforehand, according to the public and your expectations.

I can animate several tables (up to 21 people) and I can involve other animators for a larger number of participants.


in municipalities

I animate the workshops in your municipal council or your community of communes. 

Whether it is for citizen awareness or to frame your projects, group sharing allows you to move forward towards awareness and concrete actions.

Bibliothèque pour enfant

A great way to reach a wide audience, from all backgrounds and of all ages!

Organize other workshops
or events on a larger scale?

Hop La Transition is an open citizen association, based in Alsace.

Its members are personally or professionally committed to preserving the Earth's conditions of habitability, which are threatened today, and believe in the need for collective awareness of the issues.

More informations:

Some testimonials

ecole Bruebach 9 janvier 2023.png

Climate fresk - at school

"This year, my CM1-CM2 students took part in "the climate fresco", a fun and collaborative workshop on the theme of global warming. Thanks to this activity, they were able to highlight the causes and consequences of climate change. and were led to think about the impact that human activity could have on our climate. The goal was to make cause and effect links between all these elements, using the indications given. , the class was split into three groups. Each team produced a large personalized fresco (format 2m x 1m approximately), from the images provided by the facilitator.
Aware of the need to act for the climate, the students then proposed solutions to limit our impact on the environment: reduce consumption of red meat, lower heating, encourage public transport, avoid non-food purchases. essentials...   Some simple actions to take to preserve the balance of our planet 🌍 and everyone can get started!

My opinion on this animation:

The content of this animation was perfectly adapted to the age of my students. This activity gave rise to extremely rich and varied exchanges within my class. The facilitator was there to feed this reflection and guide the students if necessary. I strongly recommend this activity, in close connection with the school programs of cycle 3.

  • Duration: about 3 hours.

  • Necessary prerequisites: participants must have some knowledge of the water cycle and the greenhouse effect.


Francois Mure

Class of CM1-CM2

Montjoie School of BRUEBACH

Workshop "our world of tomorrow"
based on the Ecological Renaissance - at school

"It was really a great experience, the children learned a lot and they loved the approach and the materials used. We also hung the Renaissance fresco in the main hall of the school to highlight it. .
And we're going to color it to make it even more appealing."

Francois Mure

Class of CM1-CM2

Montjoie School of BRUEBACH


Corporate Climate Fresk Workshop

Butachimie - sustainable development group


The workshop is great.

We were in a small committee: a table of 5 people and one of 4 people. This allowed everyone to participate and give their opinion.


It's a very fun workshop, the time goes by quickly and it's very educational: the fact that the cards are distributed in several batches is very good in terms of rhythm and dynamics.


We then did some internal communication: 2 new people joined our “Sustainable Development” group!

Anais Felden

Quality Technician

"Sustainable Development" team facilitator

Butachemistry - Chalampé

fresque climat 14 mars 2023_Butachimie.png
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